Cool Necromancer ~ I love to draw stupid ghosts *3*

kerlhau» merci miss ! C’est Halloween toute l’année \o/ Enfin, je lui ai collé des fantômes plus pour son statut (nécromancienne) parce que j’ai déjà un gros dessin de prévu pour ce thème ^^

Infini »


HEY  french people !
Si vous avez facebook, et que vous aimez lire des webcomic,  ou manga amateurs, n’hésitez pas à aimer la page pour être tenu au courant de l’avancement du manga amateur Infini. Du boy’s love ~
Could be translated in english if enough people are interested though

Lot of WIP ~ random relaxing doodle

freakinfrenchartist» merci :3


I didn’t know which of these was best so I went with all of them. Background based on Mr. Gaiman’s fantastic jacket designed by Kambriel. Anyway, lovely bit of advice, really take it to heart.

L’Empire des Morts WIP ~ I found my idea for the Halloween theme, ok it’s really early but it’s always halloween in my mind :D

kerlhau» merci pitchounette ♥

niladhevan» merci :3

moondel» merci ;)


Hey there my beautiful followers! I accidentally deleted my original post so i’m posting this again (i’m really sorry >///<)

I entered a contest to design a poster for the amazing Lindsey Stirling and I would appreciate every vote from you!

This means so much to me since I am from Morocco and there are unfortunately ZERO opportunities for illustrators and artists in general there. If I win this it would truly be a miraculous help for my career.

So please vote if you like my piece! Here’s the link to the submission, your support would be really GREATLY appreciated >.<

AHS FreakShow fanmade teaser - it’s a fake for the next season but the idea is beautiful and so dark.