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just fucking draw. don’t compare yourself to other people, don’t stop because you drew a lot last tuesday and you haven’t visibly improved. it takes time, effort, and a lot of perseverance. besides, no matter how “bad” you think you are, there’s still gonna be someone who thinks the stuff you produce is the best goddamn thing they’ve ever seen in their entire life. the artist you were five years ago would have their mind fucking blown by the artist you are today. so just draw a fuckton, because every new thing you draw is one drawing better than you were before.

I really needed this post


Trying my hand at shoujo always ended in a hilarious disaster.


Jumping on this post as well, because it is important to remember this at times.



13 year old me would be stoked to see where I am now. It’s really good to look back sometimes and appreciate how far you’ve come. And then imagine how much further you can go when you keep drawing.



Even though I want to laugh my head off at my old stuff… it really is important to look at how far you’ve come in time.
And I think it’s not only good for yourself but for young artists / beginners as well, to see how other artists started out. So they see that no one is a great artist right off the bat.



2006 n’est pas si loin est pourtant il y a un monde !

Je suis contente d’être sortie de cet âge sombre, de ne pas avoir lâché quand j’avais si peu d’espoir. Ma moi d’avant doit être satisfaite et ma moi actuelle me crit “maisquellehorreurdirequejétaisfièredeça ?!”

Ne perdez pas espoir, dessinez juste parce que c’est ça qui vous plaît et le reste viendra ^^

+ Murder of Crows + by Elyann-funeralhymn

Sia “Chandelier”

keiden» carrément et le clip est sublime ! Je connais la chanteuse depuis un moment mais vu que je n’écoute pas la radio, je ne savais pas qu’elle avait sorti un nouvel album xD



Hey guys! I recently hit 6k and wanted to celebrate everyone’s support! 

WINNERS: There will be 1! Chosen by random using number generator

  • Ships from US, to anywhere! So international folks are welcome to join :)

PRIZES: Any 5 phone charms (the ds is mine askldjf haha), that I’ve made C: You can see all the ones that I’ve done H E R E


  • No use of giveaway blogs please!
  • Only reblogs count towards an entry!
  • You don’t need to follow, but the winner will get to pick a 6th charm if they are! 

ENDS:  Like last year, the giveaway will end August 4th! 2014 (my birthday!! hehe)

  • Winners will be contacted on Aug 5th, and will have a 24hr window to respond. So keep those ask boxes open! C: 
  • Everything will ship out by Aug 9th~

That’s it I think! Let me know if there’s any questions— until then, I’ll be working mostly.. wish there was more time to hang out here

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Xiao Wen Ju photographed by Solve Sundsbo for i-D Magazine Summer 2013

Corrupted Souls ~ Donc voilà ce projet bd est né de plein de choses, l’essentiel étant que oui je peux encore créer. De plus, c’est la première fois que je fais tout en digital ! (jamais ça n’a été si propre, si blanc mdr)

Nouveauté, cette histoire est avec un héros c’est tellement divertissant en plus de me rendre compte que j’ai un sale tic d’écriture c’est à dire sur développer les personnages féminins. Reste que l’histoire de son point de vue à lui est largement plus intéressant.

La sortie est prévue pour la fin de cette année, normalement je devrai faire Japan Touch Lyon (ou sinon ça sera à Japan Impact en Suisse).

keiden» vi je suis dingue xD Merciiii mdr Plus sérieusement, je ne pouvais pas laisser cette histoire toute seule et ne jamais voir le jour, ça aurait été un crime contre mon inspiration *3*

freakinfrenchartist» non je ne suis pas faite pour les oneshots, j’aime étaler ^^

Boys boys boys ~ lot of WIP because the heat in the south is really unconfortable.

Takeshi Kaneshiro   ~ best described by the saying “we don’t grow older, we grow riper”

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Sailor Moon RPG
Source: m2manga




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bascily how every gamer male or female sees them self.